13 April 2014

a further update

It has been almost a month since my last post, so I thought I should let you know how things are going with Rebus. But first I must apologize in advance for any incoherences: I've been dealing with a horrible headache all weekend, and even the simple act of sitting upright is proving a challenge!

We seem to have reached a precarious balance for the moment, although it's a matter of constant vigilance. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of completely normal behaviour from Rebus, there were a couple of incidents on two consecutive days that sent us right back to the starting point. (Let's just say that I was almost thankful for the cold weather that forced me to wear several layers of sweaters...) I'd obviously been too hasty in rejoicing at our success. I'd been tired and unwell for a while, and as a consequence had cut down our daily play sessions to just one before bed. It was now abundantly clear that this simply wasn't enough. We're now back to two — sometimes even three — sessions over the course of the day, no matter how I'm feeling or how busy I am, and so far it's going well. Aside from wand toys and laser pointers, I'm so thankful that the Kickeroo exists! Rebus seems to really enjoy bunny-kicking and biting it, and sometimes even growls as he shakes it around.

Now that the weather is milder, I'm also away from the apartment more often. Lately I've been spending lunchtime at the library with my laptop, and having my morning coffee at one of the nearby cafés once or twice a week. On fine days, I have tea on my balcony with a good book. I think not being together constantly every hour of the day can only be beneficial to both of us.

That's all for the moment...


  1. I'm really learning quite a bit about cat psychology and temperament from your posts, though I don't like the image of the benefit of your wearing multiple sweaters one day :( I'm sorry. Dane and I would like to get a cat when we move in together (!!) but it's important to keep in mind that, as much as I love the idea of having a cat to keep me company when I'm working long hours at home, I need to keep the cat company, too. It sounds like you're doing a great job despite your minor health hindrances over the past while, and Rebus is grateful. You're fantastic, Danielle :) Thanks for the update. Huge hugs from me, and may this good streak not be a streak but the new norm. <3

    1. I'm glad our misadventures are of some use! ;-) Thank you for your kind and supportive words — they mean the world to me.

      Ah, yeah, the multiple layers of sweaters... You know those big padded sleeves dog trainers wear? I kinda wish I owned a pair of those :-( It looks like t-shirt weather will be an extra incentive for extended play sessions!

      You're absolutely right, the relationship between animals and their families works both ways! Compatibility is so very important, and we're a prime example of what can go wrong...

      Although it's tempting to get an adorable kitten, it's not always easy to tell what they'll be like as adults. If you decide to welcome a cat into your love nest, you might look into adopting one who has been living in a foster home, whose carer has observed firsthand how the cat behaves (around people, other animals, in various situations), knows his or her temperament, and can answer all your questions. In some cases, as my sister and her husband found out, two cats are better than one.

  2. Contente de voir que, après ce qui ressemblait à un retour à la case départ, les choses se sont améliorées. Je croise les doigts que tu arrives à trouver l'énergie de continuer à donner à Rebus cette stimulation dont il a tant besoin, et qu'il continue à développer sa capacité à jouer tout seul aussi en plus de vos séances de jeu ensemble. Et oui, l'hiver qui cède tranquillement le pas au printemps ne peut qu'aider, à tous les égards! Tu fais bien d'en profiter. Prends bien soin de toi; ton matou ne pourra qu'en bénéficier aussi.

    1. Merci ma chère. Je croise aussi les doigts, surtout pour que l'équilibre se maintienne! Comme il est impossible de savoir ce qui se passe dans sa petite tête de minou, son comportement est totalement imprévisible, et la vigilance constante que je dois exercer est carrément épuisante... Ce serait tellement merveilleux s'il jouait tout seul, mais c'est très rare quand je suis présente et éveillée.


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