7 July 2011

my vicarious book club

It is my firm belief that one can never have too many books on one's reading list.

I have a small notebook that contains not only the titles I have read, but those that have aroused my interest and that I wish to explore at some point in the future. A good many of these were added because they were spoken of with some praise by a blogger whose tastes appear to correspond with my own and whose judgment I feel can be trusted.

Another source is BBC Radio 4's Books and Authors podcast, a wonderfully varied and — dare I say it — entertaining programme that perpetually renews my love for the written word. How heartening to hear intelligent, articulate people speak of books! The programme comprises three different series that each adopts its own formula. As part of the recently-introduced series called "A Good Read", host Harriett Gilbert and her two guests (both public figures), having read each other's favourite books, share their thoughts and impressions in a lively yet respectful manner. Surprisingly often, after hearing their merits extolled with such passion, titles that at first appeared uninteresting (for example John Steinbeck's Cannery Row, chosen by wonderful actor Bill Patterson, or The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John LeCarré) become almost irresistibly enticing... so on my list they go!


  1. C'est chouette que t'aies trouvé une bonne émission littéraire qui te fournisse généreusement de quoi allonger la liste des livres que tu as envie de lire! C'est exactement le genre d'émission que le milieu littéraire québécois aimerait voir naître (et le qualificatif "varié" devrait pouvoir y être accolé... ce serait bien d'en avoir enfin une qui ne fait pas juste parler des mêmes auteurs tout le temps!).

  2. Oui, les médias québécois auraient bien besoin d'un espace où l'on peut discuter littérature de cette façon-là...

  3. I've always kept track of what I want to read, but haven't noted what I've read. I'm trying to remedy that with Pinterest. Now off to find "A Good Read". Thanks.

  4. You're very welcome, Denise, and I hope you'll find the programme as inspiring as I have!


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