17 February 2013

unplanned planning

I must have sensed it coming.

I had laundered all of my handkerchiefs; failed to find a use for the half lemon in my refrigerator; forgotten about the gingerroot in my freezer the last time I made curry; and gone a little Pagnol* crazy during my last shopping trip.

Had I planned for a bad cold, I could not have done it better.

*As you may already know, I love Marcel Pagnol's novels and memoirs (as well as the movies adapted from them) with a passion, and will most certainly mention them again here.


  1. Oh non! Au moins, tu as tout ce qu'il faut pour t'en tirer au mieux. Tout de même, je te souhaite qu'il ne s'étire pas... (Cher rhume, du Pagnol, ça s'apprécie aussi sans toi!)
    Prends bien soin de toi!

    1. Avec tout ça, un pyjama et un neti pot, il y a moyen de moyenner, en effet :-)

      (Tu as bien raison : du Pagnol, c'est bon n'importe quand!)

      Et berci pour tes bons vœux!

  2. You did do well! Hope it all worked, and that you are getting better.

    1. It would have worked, except for the one thing I forgot about: clients... :-(


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