The Years / Virginia Woolf

Perhaps because she had been travelling, it seemed as if the ship were still padding softly through the sea, as if the train were still swinging from side to side as it rattled across France. She felt as if things were moving past her as she lay stretched on the bed under the single sheet. But it's not the landscape any longer, she thought; it's people's lives, their changing lives.

Arcadia / Iain Pears

People are naturally so fond of themselves that they assume the past must lead to them. They have egos of such size that they cannot imagine it doing otherwise. Rather like biologists of the past imagining the whole of evolution leading to Homo sapiens, so that we almost become the point of evolution, or religious types assuming that the world was created to give us somewhere nice to live, so those who concern themselves with time assume that the only purpose of the past is to produce the present, with us as the lead characters. (Angela Meerson)

book name tag

Si vous connaissez le phénomème BookTube — ces chaînes YouTube consacrées aux livres et à la littérature — vous avez peut-être vu passer ce tag qui consiste à épeler son nom au moyen de titres de livres ou de noms d'auteur-e-s. (Je l'ai d'abord vu sur la géniale chaîne de Simon Savidge.) Je me suis demandée si je pourrais y arriver au moyen des bouquins sur mes propres rayons de bibliothèque, et je me suis amusée un peu. Voici donc, en photo plutôt qu'en vidéo, mon nom épelé...


If you're familiar with the phenomenon known as BookTube — YouTube channels dedicated to books and literature — then you might have seen this tag already; it consists in spelling out your name using book titles or authors' names. (I first saw it on Simon Savidge's brilliant channel.) I wondered if I'd be able to to it with the books on my shelves, and had a bit of fun. So here is, in pictures rather than on video, my name spelled out...

d'abord avec des titres de livres :
first with book titles:

Dieu et nous seuls pouvons (Michel Folco)
Agnes Grey (Anne Brontë)
North and South (Elizabeth Gaskell)
Infantry Training: Training & War, 1937 (Canadian War Office)
Escalier C (Elvire Murail)
Little Dorrit (Charles Dickens)
Lost in a Good Book (Jasper Fforde)
Eugénie Grandet (Honoré de Balzac)

Le Pendule de Foucault (Umberto Eco)

puis avec des noms d'auteur-e-s :
then with authors' names:

(Charles) Dickens
(Jane) Austen
(Paul) Nizan
(Kazuo) Ishiguro
(Jean) Echenoz
(Claude) Lanzmann
(Stieg) Larsson
(Umberto) Eco

(Marcel) Pagnol

À votre tour, si ça vous chante!
Give it a go if you fancy it!

jolies cartes / beautiful cards

[désolée pour le reflet... / sorry about the reflection...]

J'ai récemment reçu les cartes que j'avais commandées à une artiste qui travaille à partir de collages de papier pour reproduire entre autres les maisons associées à des auteur-e-s célèbres. Mes choix : Monk's House (où Virginia et Leonard Woolf ont longtemps habité); Ham Spray (demeure de Lytton Strachey, ami de Virginia Woolf, et de la peintre Carrington); et le presbytère de Haworth (le foyer bien-aimé des sœurs Brontë). Ces cartes sont presque trop belles pour que je m'en sépare... Je vais peut-être les encadrer.


I recently received the greeting cards I ordered from an artist who uses paper collages to reproduce, among other things, the houses of famous writers. My choices were: Monk's House (long-time residence of Virginia and Leonard Woolf); Ham Spray (where Lytton Strachey, a friend of Virginia Woolf, lived with painter Carrington); and Haworth Parsonage (beloved home of the Brontë sisters). These cards are almost too beautiful to let go... I might end up framing them.

livres neufs et usagés / new and second-hand books

- Watership Down / Richard Adams
- Longbourn / Jo Baker
- Testament of Youth / Vera Britten
- All the Light We Cannot See / Anthony Doerr
- The House on the Strand / Daphné du Maurier
- Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales / Brothers Grimm
- Grief is the Thing with Feathers / Max Porter
- The Book Thief / Markus Zusak


J'adore l'attention accordée à chaque détail de l'aspect de ces deux volumes.

I love the attention given to every detail of how these two volumes look.

achats en ligne récents / recent online purchases

- A Very Great Profession / Nicola Beauman
- Howards End is on the Landing / Susan Hill
- Good Evening, Mrs Craven / Mollie Panter-Downes
- One Fine Day / Mollie Panter-Downes
- Slightly Foxed: The Real Reader's Quarterly

Warleggan / Winston Graham

"Nobody knows how the earth was made. Some do say that the sea runs far inland and underground and makes the springs, forcing them along and up, like the blood to a man's veins." (Captain Henshawe)

trouvailles au café-librairie / café-bookshop finds

- Mr Charlotte Brontë / Alan H. Adamson
- Towards Zero / Agatha Christie
- Witness for the Prosecution / Agatha Christie
- Rebecca / Daphné du Maurier*

* C'est mon deuxième exemplaire (mon premier à couverture rigide); c'est un de mes romans préférés!
   This is my second copy (my first hardcover); it's one of my favourite novels!

David Copperfield / Charles Dickens

"Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery. The blossom is blighted, the leaf is withered, the God of day goes down upon the dreary scene, and — in short you are forever floored." (Mr. Micawber)

One Fine Day / Mollie Panter-Downes

All the trouble in this world, Mrs. Prout often said, came from everybody knowing how to read. The trashy stuff in books, the backbiting in the papers — did it do anyone a mite of good, Mrs. Prout sometimes demanded, to be able to read that the world was in such a horrible mess?