22 January 2018

Gone Girl / Gillian Flynn

Truth or lie? That's the question that niggles at the reader with each page.

Let me admit straight away that I wasn't favourably disposed towards this novel for two quite unrelated reasons: firstly, because I have an almost visceral loathing for titles that use the word "girl" to designate an adult woman; and secondly, because I heard a guest on a literary podcast accidently blurt out a crucial part of the plot (my immediate response was: "Oh, how cliché..."). In other words, it took me a while to warm up to it — and warm is the best I can muster.

We're told a tale about a couple and a disappearance, with the chapters alternating between Amy's and Nick's points of view. It quickly morphs into the very dark story of a marriage with many, MANY twists along the way. Seriously, there are so many U-turns that my brain got torticollis! The proof that this book works brilliantly as a thriller is that, even once my interest in the irritating characters waned, I continued to read it simply to find out what other unexpected development the author had devised.

If you're looking for something entertaining and unpredictable written by someone with an extremely imagination, this book is for you.

I borrowed this book from my local library.

Rating: ***

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